100 Years Ago, Bernarr Macfadden also found that Longer Hair is Healthier

In my book, Our LONG HAIRitage, Bringing Peace and Health to Your Head, it shows how and why long hair is far healthier than those who crop their heads. I am not the first to understand this concept. Natural health advocate, Bernarr Macfadden said the same thing over a hundred years ago. Here are some remarks from his books:

“The principle reason why a woman’s hair is stronger, and grows longer than the opposite sex, is that it is allowed to grow long from very early youth.” But “when kept closely cropped as in boys, conditions” become “decidedly different.” The scalp is weak because it is trained to become thinner and less “blood is attracted to it.” This is why males are more liable to lose their hair than females whose hair is more “strongly rooted and nourished (1).”

He also encourages daily massages of the scalp, which include pinching large swaths of the scalp and pulling and brushing the hair. Pulling and tugging temporarily adds weight to “exercise” and strengthen the scalp. It is of utmost importance, to keep the subcutaneous fat layer (that rests on the scalp) loose and pliable (2). Of course, just the extra weight of long hair does this all day long. Nevertheless, extra tugging will even strengthen your scalp more!

Although Macfadden’s books are somewhat dated, he came to the exact same conclusions I have. And like him there really is no excuse for premature baldness. He thought the average length of American and English men’s hair is 6 to 8 inches; however, he said we all “kowtow” to a dumb “custom” to keep the “hair much shorter than these lengths” (2). So get educated, tell your friends. Is it not time to educate all these crop-headed conformists out there? By understanding the truth will allow you to not only defend long hair, but to actually promote it with sound science. After all they are the ones promoting baldness out of shear ignorance.

In fact his last words in his 1899 book (1), “Don’t wear it [hair] too short” says it all, if you really want to have a full head of hair for life.

(1) Bernarr Macfadden, Macfadden’s New Hair Culture: Rational, Natural Methods for Cultivating Strength and Luxuriance of Hair, 4th Edition (New York: Physical Culture Publishing, 1899).
(2) Bernarr Macfadden, Hair Culture: Rational Methods for Growing Hair and for Developing Its Strength and Beauty (New York: Macfadden Publications, Inc., 1924).

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