Long Hair book lands in Australia – review by Duncan

BOOK REVIEW of new Long Hair book

OUR LONG HAIRITAGE: Bringing Peace and Health to your Head
by Roger Sigler
published by Westbow Press 2011

Hi Guys,

I have just been reading a copy of this book which arrived a few days ago in the post. I found out about this book on a thread posted on 30 September 2011 on the MLHB thread.

This book is a very interesting and fascinating read on long hair and why it is better for your physical, mental and spiritual health to maintain long hair. It explores the importance and health benefits of long hair by looking back into history where long hair until before the Romans was once the norm and prized in human society on both men and women. Ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Spartans as well as more recent groups like North American Indians are discussed and according to the book where long hair is the norm in human cultures baldness is a lot rarer. Short hair is relatively recent in our human history starting generally with the Greeks and Romans where shorter hair was linked to an increase in premature hair loss. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates himself noted the sudden increase in bald men in his lifetime and made a serious study of it in an attempt to find out why this was the case. The author uses testimony from scientists who study hair to back his ideas that baldness is largely due more to excessive hair cutting which weakens the hair shaft and exposes the scalp to great weathering. Longer hair weighs more and therefore becomes stronger and protects the skin pores on the head better from the rays of the sun. Also excess oil buildup on shorter haired people has been shown to clog the pores creating less healthy scalps along with skin diseases.

The main thrust of the book is it argues that having short hair weakens the hair follicle on the scalp making hair weaker and more prone to baldness. Longer hair weights more on the scalp encouraging better circulation and a healthier scalp. According to the book Having long hair helps limit the risk of baldness and offers better protection from diseases like skin cancer. The author says that hair is linked with our central nervous system through the skin on the scalp and acts as a stimulant.

Interestingly this pro-longhair book is written by a devout Christian who is very much in favour of both men and women wearing long hair with God’s full approval. The book has chapters that demolish the weak arguments against long hair by Pharisee Fundamentalist conservative Christians. The book explores the theme that longer hair is more spiritual and noble bringing a person closer to the natural world. Societies where short hair is enforced is seen as being cut off from the natural world and short hair was a feature of people who were enslaved. There is no real good reason for wearing short hair the author says.

What I like most about this book is that the author has clearly devoted a lot of research in writing it using numerous examples from history and the present day and has a lot of different sources to back his statements with. He has interviewed people who are hair scientists and they have linked short hair with premature baldness.

This book is a classic lesson on a work that should not be judged by it’s cover and what is inside it is a very passionate pro-long hair book the contents of which are a very worthy companion to Bill Choisser’s famous online book ON BEING A LONGHAIR.

I don’t agree with everything in the book but it is without a doubt worth reading as it is definately an uplifting pro-longhair for men book.

I would recommend this author’s work to anyone who needs good reasons to keep their hair long.

Duncan Quarterman


  1. This is awesome news – longer hair is healthier!

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