The Bald Truth is Not Your Genes, Author Argues

New book offers theory of long-haired scalp health supported by science and biblical precedent

 HOUSTON, Texas – According to Roger Sigler, the “baldness gene” is a myth. Health and appearance would both be improved if men’s hair was worn longer. Our LONG HAIRitage: Bringing Peace and Health to Your Head offers readers compelling research and conclusions to support a longer-haired lifestyle.

 If you really want to prevent hair loss, heal the scalp, and even possibly re-grow lost hair, then you must read this book. You will learn many incredible things about the design, significance, symbolism, and purpose of human hair. Once you understand these purposes, and how hair is made, then you will learn how to properly care for the hair. Even more importantly, you will learn what you must do to prevent hair loss naturally, right now and in the future. The greatest myth ever is that baldness is inevitable.

One of the causes of baldness, Sigler contends, is that we’ve been trained by modern history and by culture to cut it short. The very length and weight of longer hair keeps our scalps healthier and encourages our hair to remain.  The benefits of longer hair far outweigh any of the short-sighted advantages conferred by being short-shorn.

Supported by diverse research, from cutting-edge science to the Bible, Our LONG HAIRitage is a must-read for anyone concerned about their head.

About the Author

Roger Sigler is a scientific and biblical researcher, author and lecturer. As an avid enthusiast for natural health, Sigler’s expertise in long hair and scalp issues began with his observations and studies in environmental science, a field he has worked for more than 25 years. The truth is of utmost importance to him, and his chief desire is to share his knowledge with others for their benefit. Sigler is a member of the American Holistic Health Association, Creation Research Society and is an adjunct science instructor at Wharton County Junior College in the Houston area, where he lives with his wife Selene.

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