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Womens Lifestyle Magazine, Grand Rapids, MI supports Our LONG HAIRitage. In their January 2012 issue, Marianne Bockhiem writes “If you are perpetually perplexed by your hair, fear hair loss, or are passionate about the subject of hair, then this is your book. Our Long Hairitage is a tapestry of scientific facts, historical information, and advice that will make you rethink how you are caring for your hair and scalp.”

As an esthetician, commercial makeup artist, and CEO of Intelligent Beauty LLC., Marianne Bockhiem has been waving her magical mascara wand and dressing others for nearly 20 years. She’s been seen at L.A. Fashion Week and Fashion Group headquarters of N.Y., and teaches in Grand Rapids Community College’s fashion department. During our telephone she said she loved the book, especially the great detail and historical information contained in Our LONG HAIRitage. It is a wonderful thing when females support long hair on women and men alike for the betterment of health and beauty for both sexes.

Roger Sigler

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